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adventurous quad bike outrides

On these quad bike outrides just outside Clarens, you will be travelling on an adventurous, picturesque route following the foothills of the Rooiberge on the outskirts of Clarens.

The quad bike tours take place in a Conservancy Area and a National Park close to Clarens.

A quad bike outride is ideal as a team build activity, as an adventurous and fun activity during conferences, or as a family outing for families with even smaller kids.

As you are so close to nature on these quad bike outings, your attention will be drawn to many indigenous plants as well as their value to the old pioneers who went through this area during 1837. From a quad bike you can experience the beauty of the surrounding sandstone formations and explanations on the geology of the area will be given as far as possible.

Places will be visited where the early Settlers (Voortrekkers) settled during 1837/8. You will also be shown the ruins of early inhabitants who lived in this area around Clarens in about 1790 to 1820, untill most of them were murdered during the time of the Great Defiqane when both Tsaka and Mzilikazi waged their empire wars. During these wars 28 Sotho speaking tribes were wiped from the face of South Africa.

These quad bike tours in the vicinity of Clarens are for the nature lover and definitely not for those who would like to speed and do obstacles at a flying pace. But to take the quad bike on steep declines and sharp up hills is still very exciting and will satisfy your taste for adrenaline and adventure! No doubt about that!

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