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white water river rafting on the Ash River - Clarens

river rafting action!

The most exciting 1-day white water river rafting adventure in South Africa!

Exciting grade 3 and 4 white water rafting all year round, 365 days a year! Not rain-dependant at all!

The Ash River just outside Clarens in the eastern Free State is fed by the Trans Caledon Transfer Tunnel, which pumps water from the Katze Dam high up in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho. The crystal clear water flows down the Ash River all the way to the Vaal Dam.

The day starts with a short drive out to the river, where we do a safety-brief and explain all the do's and don'ts for the days rafting action.

the excitement and thrill of rafting the Ash River just outside Clarens

It's time to fit lifejackets and helmets and if you haven't been nervous before, you might just get a few butterflies now. But rest assured, after the safety-briefing you will be ready for any action the river can throw at you, and in any case, the stretch that we paddle is super exciting, but also very safe, as we use the big 6-man rafts, with a guide in each raft, telling you exactly what to do, where and when. Definitely within the capabilities of any novice river-rafter. And your safety is of the utmost importance to the very experienced and highly qualified river-guides.

the beauty of the Ash River

Then we get on the water, practice turning the raft left and right, and then, after a short paddle accross the weir, we reach the first rapid, called "Breathiliser"!

After "Breathiliser" it's action all the way with grade 2 and 3 rapids like "Car-wash", "Alles-verloren-alles-gevonden", etc. untill we get to ??? ... The Bridge! Here we get out and have a look at the high-light of the day. An awesome grade 4 rapid with the name "Fish-pond"!


getting wet while rafting on the Ash River outside Clarens

After running "Fish-pond" rapid we'll gather on the rocks next to the rapid, enjoy some refreshments, and contemplate the wiseness of our actions!

Then it's back onto the rafts for more action and adventure! Next up is "Long-drop". Quite something! Oh yes!

After another weir there is a 'small' little wave, it could have a sting in the tail, though! And then some flat water where some of the biggest water-fights in history have been fought. Then we get to "Big Surprise"! Wow, what a rapid!

We here at Outrageous Adventures are proud to say that we were the first commercial rafting operation to take clients down "Big Surprise", and also the rest of this section of the river.

After "Big Surprise" we get out just before the un-raftable grade-5 rapid and have our famous and delicious river-lunch on the banks of the river.

trusty transport taking us to the river and back

After lunch the action is still not over yet. We get to the waterfall, (which is now just a dry river-bed, due to the power-station), "The Chute" and a few small rapids inbetween.

And then, at the end of the day, it is a short drive back into Clarens.

There you have it, guys and galls, the best 1-day white water river rafting action in South Africa!

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For more information, and our Ash River itinerary, please click here!

white water river rafting on the Ash River